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The development of Denise Gerassi 2015 Summer Collection was based on the legend of Brazilian flowering plant “Victoria Regia”. The chosen subject inspires the creation of lines, shapes and textures of the handbags, which, in turn, convey the idea of “Brasilidade”, the core of this project. This is how the legend goes:

Once upon a time there was an indigenous girl named Naia, who lived in a tribe in the Amazon rainforest. The tribe’s shamans used to say that whenever the moon hid in the horizon that meant it was fleeing to live with its favorite virgins. They also said that if the moon really liked a young girl, it would transform her into a star in the sky.

Naia, the chief’s daughter and princess of the tribe, was impressed with the story. Every night, when everyone was asleep and the moon moved in the sky, the girl, willing to be transformed into a star, would climb the hills, chasing the moon in the hope that it would notice her.

And so she did night after night for a long time. But the moon did not seem to notice her and everyone could hear her sobbing of grief in the distance. One night, the native girl saw the clear waters of the creek reflecting the image of the moon. The poor girl, imagining that the moon had come to pick her up, dived into the water and was never seen again.

The moon, willing to make up for the sacrifice of young beautiful girl, decided to turn her it into a star, a special one, different from those already shining in the sky. It turned her into the "Star of the Waters", the Victoria Regia.

This is how this plant whose fragrant and white flowers only open at night and at dawn came to life. Whenever the birds of the forest sing, the Victoria Regias get pinkish.




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