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About Us

We are a thoroughly Brazilian leather goods brand. Since we started Denise Gerassi in 2013, our goal has been to build a brand that intensely values local artisanal craft and sustainable materials, combined with timeless high quality design.

We’re happy to see how our approach has produced positive results and how our narrative echoes throughout our customers’ lifestyle. We strongly stand by our desire to deliver elegance while respecting people and the planet, in every step of our journey.

We proudly remain a sustainable, elegant Brazilian brand.

The people here…

We discovered the value of local craftsmanship, which is essential in achieving the quality our raw materials deserve. We closely follow the entire process our materials go through in specialized workshops. In this way we guarantee unique products, while valuing the people involved in the process, as is our social responsibility.

We value local craftsmanship and collaborate in its development!

Design is part of every step…

We’re devoted to achieving modern and timeless designs. We believe our biggest source of treasure is Brazil and its people. Our origins inspire the design of our handbags, shoes and accessories. Natural, genuine themes based on local and sustainable processes, developed in close collaboration with specialized artisans throughout the country.

Our first collection was based on the Vitória Regia myth. We dove into the theme, creating lines, shapes and textures for each item. In this process we found our real identity - our Brazilian soul.

Sustainable brazilian design is our passion!

Leather - our main type of raw material…

Natural and biodegradable, leather is a residue of the food industry. We develop our hides in workshops certified to be environmentally friendly, processed in sustainable way and obeying the highest standards.

The exotic Pirarucu leather, which we use most frequently, is prepared following our specifications of color, touch and texture, always through sustainable processes. Read more...

High quality raw materials, treated with respect, set our products apart!

Valuing the collaborative work of our communities…

The handbags in our India Naia collection carry stories of hands that weave their characteristic fringes, crafted in rural communities in the state of Espirito Santo. This is sustainable design! We rescue artisanal techniques with quality, valuing and developing local workforces, recycling materials and highlighting functional aspects in order to care for the environment - we believe, share and practice true sustainable design. We also develop new ways to think about creative and productive processes, reassigning ideas, behaviors and consumption habits and, in essence, adopting and proposing a new lifestyle. Read more in our blog…

We believe in collaborative work as a lifestyle!

Our packaging follow our principles..

...“turning disposable materials into works of art, through the hands of talented brazilian artisans”...

Affectionately embraced, our products are delivered in packaging made of natural cotton. Engraved with the sentence above, they carry our work, love and respect to our themes - design, quality, sustainability, brazilianness.

The founder of the brand…

Do you believe good dreams can become true? We can say Denise Gerassi is proof! What does a chemist and pharmacist have to do with fashion? At first glance, nothing… The entrepreneur Denise Gerassi ignored all barriers to her desire to create a sustainable brand of handbags and leather goods. As soon as she decided to make her dreams a reality, she sought specialized consulting and remembers she was told to seek a therapist. Why would a successful professional stay away from her field for such a risky endeavor?

At the end of 2013, bothered by the fact that women seemed to always be carrying the “same handbags”, set her goal of really creating something different. She then partnered with Moum House Creative Design Studio, which helped create a strategic plan for the project. And so, in Summer 2015, after 9 months of incubation, Denise Gerassi Handbags and Accessories was born - a brand focused on being eco-friendly and representing Brazil in sophisticated style.

The project was devised and executed successfully!