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A nossa clássica maxi clutch

Aritana Handbag

The noble handbag with compartments


A franja marcante


Elegância e praticidade na medida certa

O Pirarucu

O exótico couro de pirarucu, nossa principal matéria prima, faz das nossas peças verdadeiras obras de arte.


A nobre bolsa dos compartimentos

Alira Handbag

Hobo elegance and comfort.


O sneacker confortável e elegante

Aritana, fancy and multifunctional handbag

Manufactured with pirarucu leather, well framed, interior on bovine leather. With six compartments, and space for each single detail – the right space to the right thing – keeping everything well organized.

Who imagined that a handbag has to be basic is wrong. This model has the exact proportion and elegance.

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Nayla - Shopping bag with pirarucu leather sidesR$ 1.790,00

DG313/03 - Shopping Bag in leather with sides in pirarucu leather. It has two internal pockets. One with zipper. Lini...

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Nanine - Leather handbag with twisted fringesR$ 1.890,00

DG019/01 - Leather handbag with twisted fringes and knot hand. Mix of special and elegant colours. Metallic part trea...

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Maiara - Multibag em Couro de Pirarucu Verde MilitarR$ 1.980,00

"Nossa linha executiva foi desenvolvida para facilitar o dia a dia de quem trabalha muito, viaja, anda por aí e não a...

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Handmade product

Sustentable Design

Manufactured with Respect and Care

Customer‘s Review

“I love my Denise Gerassi Pirarucu Clutch !!!
It is wonderful, high quality and perfectly done. Bring value to any look.
I feel powerful, secure and elegant. I can see that people are looking and getting the wish to have one…

Cris Gurgel - Journalist and Moda Consultant - São Paulo - SP”

“I love handbags! Since I had contact with Denise Gerassi, I could not stop buying it! I started with #Ayra, Aquira, Taiana… Fish leather and Pirarucu Certified leather bring a sustentable business… Beside that, the handbags are amazing beautiful, resistant and different compared with the ones on the market! I do recommend!

Angela Pinhati Negrete - Chemical Engineer - São Paulo - SP”

“I have the beautiful red handbag - RAIRA! Elegant, practical, attending all my occupied day, where I have so diverse things to do…
Fits with all kind of environment, well done handbag, bring value to brazilian nature and ours artists.
Denise works with passion and competence.

Luciene Prado - Lower - São Paulo - SP”

“Thank you for the velocity and care with the delivery, and more thankful for the surprise when opened the package! The handbag is wonderful!
Easy to recognize that it was manufactured with high quality material and care, what bring more value to the way that the product is made.
But I was really happy to know that the manufacturing processes are integrated with regional cooperative which is an important social factor of the brand and very important to me.

Liliana Naval - Bióloga / University Teacher at Palmas - TO”

“The Denise Gerassi brand exceeds all expectations! Excellent quality products, in addition to originality and functionality.
Brazilian and unique, qualities that make the difference, allied to the attention and punctuality in the delivery of the products!

Adrianne Alvarenga - Lawer - Belém do Pará - PA”

“I dreamt with a Handbag made with Pirarucu leather… When I saw Denise Gerassi website, I loved! The site is easy to use and I could buy on a simple way, and the delivering time was a record considering the region where I live! The handbag is beautiful, perfect and made with delicate finishing material. I am really satisfied and I am happy with what I had accomplished!

Ivete Longo - Business Work - Peixoto de Azevedo - MT”

“I bought the MAIARA handbag… I was looking for a big, elegant and modern handbag… I found it at Denise Gerassi website. I got in contact with the brand and not only with the handbag that I was looking for. I could knew the company which has a modern proposal due to sustainability factors of the company with excellent design and good price. All handbags are beautiful and the delivery is very efficient.

Cristina Bastos - Doctor - São Paulo - SP”

“With my handbag Denise Gerassi PIRARUCU, I have a empowerment and warm feeling of vibrant skin!”

Cris Benitez - Doctor - São Paulo - SP”

“My Denise Gerassi handbag is beautiful, cozy and elegant. It is my friend for all moments.”

Mirian Valigora - Doctor - São Paulo - SP

“I love Denise Herassi brand and its creations! The ecofriend concept applied on the manufacturing processes, bring more value to the handbags and made them unique and original!

Adriana Lombardi - Digital Content Analyst - São Paulo - SP”

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