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We, DENISE GERASSI BOLSAS E ACESSÓRIOS, respect and protect all visitants and users of our site, we work with trustfull market partners which prioritize the safety information of the internet users.

On this “Privacy Policy”, we show you the way that we receive and manage informations provided by the users and visitants that surf in our website and its official communication channels as marketing emails and social medias. 

We understand that, when it is accessed, all users and visitors have agreed with established conditions of this document. In case you do not agree with the regulations proposed here, you should not visit or enroll in any area that request yours personnel datas.
We reserve the rights to change this document without previous communication with any information, to improve the navigability experience and keep us up to date with legislative changes and/or the ones related to commercial practices. To keep yourself up to dated about changes on this terms, you must visit it every time you judge important. 

1. Use of informations

All data collected on our website are useful to offer you better navigability experience through:
  • Content personalization;
  • Administrative processes execution as product delivery;
  • Evaluation and improvement of processes, infrastructure and communication;
  • Send of personalized messages to recommend products and contents based on yours preferences on several official communication channels of DENISE GERASSI as: Email, Display networks, Social networks, Whatsapp and our website itself.
We from DENISE GERASSI have established our online shop over Shopify platform, one of the most used and trustful online shopping management on the World. Therefore, all information given by ours users are shared with them in order to improve the management and delivery tool content. We are not responsible on the Shopify and theirs partners use of collected data, they are unique and exclusively responsible for the use of those informations.  Check the full Privacy Policy from Shopify.
The collect and data processing to analytical use occurs through Google Analytics tool available from Google where the data become Google property. Therefore, we are not responsible about the use of collected data by Google and their partners. They are the unique and exclusively responsible for the information.  Check the full Privacy Policy from Google.

2. Security

All information given by users in our site are secure and encrypted on secure servers with protection certification SSL, installed on our domine The certificate executes an encrypt process making that all information provided by the users become hidden by indecipherable codes which are unhidden only when the data bank of safe server is achieved on safe manner.
All payment transactions performed on our site are handled by the partner Pagseguro, Paypal and Wirecard (former “MOIP”) which has its own users data validation policies and rigorous secure processes for approval of payments to avoid possibles frauds or irregularities.
For more information about processes and privacy policies of each partner, please check the following links: 

Wirecard Privacy Policy
Pagseguro Privacy Policy
Paypal Privacy Policy

In order to provide more safe against frauds, we from DENISE GERASSI connected the registered data of customer with its IP address and they can be provided to police and judicial authorities on request.

Even with all this secure system set-up to provide better services to ours customers, be aware that security measurements on internet are hundred percent against failures.

3. Process of collecting users datas

Our site, uses the following methods for collect of data from ours visitors and users, having as the main proposal the Improvement of the buying experience and navigation.

3.1 Forms

When fields that requested personal informations as emails, address, etc, there is a command that sends automatically these datas to our data bank on the exact way on which they were filled. These information will be used later to make the purchase processed on our site effective, the send of relevant information about your purchase or to the exhibition of commercial messages about our brand and products. When necessary, these datas will be used by our team to contact you directly by digital channels or telephone.

At our site, personal information is collect on the following areas:

Newsletter register and pop ups

After enroll, the users will receive commercial messages by email with information about our brand, publicity actions, information and recommendation of products. The user has the possibility to cancel the receiving of these emails at anytime, just need to click on the footer link where it is written: remove me from the contact list or through our customer channels: whatsapp +5511 99603 0626 and/or email: The timeline for the removal of the users list will be 72 hours after the request is done. 

Checkout/Purchase Product Form

The user will fill-out essential information for the preparation and delivery of the order as: address, contact information, CPF (only Brazilian citizenship) and data connected with way of payment choosed.

Users that have completed purchases on our site will receive product information and products suggestions by email, they can request us to cancel these kind of message anytime as explained previously.

Contact Form

We offer on our site one channel to treat diverse topics as clarification of doubts about completed purchase orders, we offer services and partnerships, or complaints. The users that send us messages through this channel will be contacted by email, telephone or whatsapp.

All users that have completed purchases on our site will receive product information and products suggestions by email, they can request us to cancel these kind of message anytime as explained previously.

3.2 Cookies 

Cookies are internet archives that store temporarily on the users and visitors computer what has been seen at the internet through the user or visitor device, mobile or desktop. This storage happens directly between the user or visitor device and their navigator such as Google, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Explorer, Safari among others.

The main reason for these data to be collected are improvement of navigation experience making easier the next access, for example, forms fields can be automatically filled-out or exhibition of commercial messages segmented by others communication channels (emails, social media, display network) based on customers preferences previously detected on the site navigation.

In case the users want to deactivate the cook function and don’t use its benefits, it is possible to deactivate starting the navigation with hidden tap on each site access or making the configuration on their navigation to not registered cookies. From these moment on, we from DENISE GERASSI will have no longer be able to offer navigation advantages and send segmented commercial messages to the user or visitor. Below there are shortcuts to web pages that explain how to perform actions on the most used navigators.

Cookies deactivation:

Navigation with hidden tap 

4. Registered sold out and data sharing with third companies

We have the compromise of not commercialize data and registered data entered in our site with third companies and partners.

We share data with contracted partners (technology companies, marketing companies, and others) which help us with the site operations and improvement of our communication with our public.

There is no hypothesis that ours partners will take the personal data and registers to theirs own use, no commercial contact between ours partners and ours customers and visitors are allowed, and any communication not linked with the DENISE GERASSI or commercialization of data with third companies are not authorized.

In case it happens, they will suffer penalties about bad behavior suppliers and will answer and be responsible for their acts according to vigent civil and criminal the regulations.

5. Users and Customers Precautions

We consider that ours users should keep their own information protected when they access our site. However, to reinforce this point, we created the recommendations listed below:

Login and Passwords
We recommend to all users that perform register on our site to not use obvious, simples, and registered on easy access environment of third companies.

Accuracy of provided Information
We from DENISE GERASSI are not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by ours users, so that they are responsible for the accuracy and up date of the information. We request you to check your registered data before execution of your next purchase and make corrections if needed.

Credit Card Data
Credit card data should never be shared with other person since they are not transferable and extremely sigils. We are not responsible if another person uses your data on our site without your authorization, and in case it happens, you need to contact us immediately and also inform your credit card company.

Public Machines
When using public machines, we recommend you to start the navigation with hidden tab on the navigator avoiding that your personal informations will be recorded whenever provided (for example login and password) or navigation history. Case you have done navigation over normal tap, make sure that you executed logout of your account and that you performed the close of section before left the machine.

Virus and information invasionIn order to avoid invasion of machine and not desired information collected, we recommend you not to download archives, files or not recognized and doubtful programs. Use only original and updates versions of desired softwares.

We recommend the use of installed and up to date antivírus on your machine, scheduling frequent scans to detect possible risks.

System Shutdown during purchase process
We from DENISE GERASSI are not responsible for not completed purchase due to energy shutdowns or lower internet connection due to infrastructure of users failures. We consider, that whenever you access the site you have stable energy and internet conditions to purchase.

Bank Bill Frauds
When the bank bill payment method is selected, make sure that yours datas are right, check the purchase performed, values, our shopping name “DENISE GERASSI”, name of payment partner used (Paypal, Pagseguro or Wirecard), and check if the code of the bank fits with the code present on the bank bill. It is very important because there is the possibility that your machine was contaminated by a virus that can change the destinatary payment to another account which does not belong to DENISE GERASSI. In case of any doubt, don’t execute the payment and contact our team immediately through our customers channels, by telephone/whatsapp +5511 99603 0626 or by email: