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Denise Gerassi is a restless, curious and dynamic Italian descendent!

Graduated in Industrial Chemistry and Pharmacy, Denise worked for 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry, initially in Quality Control and then in Production, where she identified with the dynamics of the production process.

Denise peculiar vision and her restless and curious nature make her seek new horizons all the time. She has always had in mind the idea of producing something of her own, something that would give her the chance to experience the creation of a product, from its early conception to moment it reaches the final public.

In her last visit to Florence she was touched by the way Italian artisans, worked with leather, and in that moment her desire to work with handbags grew... but in a very particular way... that was when the wish to create her own brand of handbags and accessories first appeared... but at that time it was still just a dream...

At the end of 2013, bothered by the fact that female public always carried same handbags, she decided that her goal was to create handbags that conveyed a differentiated concept. She then got in touch with Estúdio Sapatada, where the strategic planning of the project was designed.

In the Summer of 2015, after 9 months of intensive work, the brand Denise Gerassi was born. With a focus on ecofriendliness, Denise Gerassi seeks to fulfill the needs of modern, elegant and self-assured women.

Today, Denise manages the sourcing of components through small local communities. In small, specialized workshops she also takes care of every detail to ensure the artisanal handbags turn our perfect. She participates in national and international exhibits where she displays her luxurious and exclusive handbags.

Denise has promising plans for the future of the brand, is committed to the project and to an original and sophisticated representation of the Brazilian identity.